Heart to Heart stands up for the equality of all people.
We believe that it is important for everyone to feel good to be seen and to be a part of a social community. We want to combat exclusion and work for integration. We want to give people the conditions they need for a new start in their life. A restart can be needed after a retirement a long sick-leaves after moving to a new place but also after a life crisis of any kind.

“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”
This has always been one of Heart to Heart’s mottos. People with different backgrounds get a meaningful task in a lovely community, where we are working together to help eachother. At Heart to Heart works for example people with disabilities, young people that are tired of school and in a need of a break, people that have been long term unemployed and retirees who lack work and the social part. They work side by side with former drug addicts and people from the Probation Service, and with New Swedes who have fled from war and poverty along with Swedes who have lived in Östergötland for generations. The work are based on their special circumstances and needs and they are doing the best they can and together we are creating a good workplace.

A gift to our social work in Sweden means that we can give more people a restart and give them competent supervision, employment or other forms of support.

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