The Team Roma-project

Heart to Heart have started a long-term assistance for people of Pauleasca area of ​​Romania. The idea is that we will eventually help to lift the more than 4,000 villagers out of poverty and exclusion. We are working in close cooperation with Somebody Cares Romania who has been working in Pauleasca since 2002. Children in the grades 1-4 get help with their homework, as well as a meal. The young people in high school get money for the school bus so that they can continue with their studies. A social worker has also been hired as a precondition for Somebody Cares to continue with their social activities. Some adults and children in the area have also been assisted with medical care.

Heart to Heart has started up a social enterprise that produces traditional baskets in Pauleasca, Romania together with the Romanian organization Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Economiei Sociale (FDES). 12 persons have found work so far. We are keen to work by the book and the basket manufacturers pay tax on their income and thus get the part of the social benefits resulting from having an official income, such as health insurance, pension rights and more.

Together with a local Romanian commune, Heart to Heart have helped 115 families to receive legalization documents for their homes. We have also been able to contribute to children who have not started school or who dropped out of school for various reasons has been given a chance to return to school. We have also been able to offer all adults up to age 65 to learn to read, write and count.

We have been involved in the start up in a project that will promote the economic development of the municipality. The local vegetable producers will receive support to start an association. Each producer continue to be their own but they  will take part of the benefits that comes from cooperation on common procurement and the organisation of a common market for the products. Due to the positive development in the municipality the migration has been reduced and migrants have start to return from the richer parts of Europe.

Heart to Heart are planning to start up social enterprises in Cucova vicinity along with the Romania / Cucova Help from Gnosjö. We also have ambitious plans to start up similar businesses in Buzau and Crouvo together with local groups. You can read more about Heart to Hearts Team Roma project in the following link:

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The Eldery Project

Old people can visit, help with food, clothing, personal hygiene, expenses and more. It is a very important social activity, as most are mercy and no relatives. There is no safety net for old and too few hospital beds for old people in the country. Every winter freezes old people to death on the streets of Bucharest. There are only a few nursing houses for elders in the megacity. Heart to Heart work together with the Romanian Foundation Heart to Heart.

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Family Support

Poor Romanian families get through this business self-help; school fees, housing, livelihood and so on. Along with the family, we try to find solutions to the economic problems. When the familys economy are better and they can stand on its own, then we can go ahead and help others in the same situation. Our partner, the Romanian Foundation Heart to Hearts social workers ensures that the right aid reaches the right family, in consultation with the social authorities.

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Street Children

Through this project children who lived on the streets of Bucharest was placed in families. They lived under relatively simple conditions but was a part of a family and could experience love and warmth. Additionally, they had to go to school and thus created the conditions for a hopeful future. The Street children project was completed in 2015.


Linheart is the Romanian Foundation Heart to Heart commercial companiy that  operates Second Hand business and wholesale sales to other Second Hand in Caransebes, Romania. Toward cost recovery the company buy our surplus clothing and gear. They sort, refresh and then sells the goods. The surplus of the business goes to the Romanian organization. Thanks to the project, we can provide work to poor people so they can provide for them selves instead of passively accept help. The consequence of getting a proper work is that they get a sallary that they can live on and since they pay taxes on their income they are entitled to the social system. Above all, they get a better sense of self and can take pride in that they can take care of themselves. Our long term goal is that the Romanian Foundation’s social activities (home care and family support) shall be provided by Linheart’s profits without any extra financial support from Heart to Heart, Sweden.

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