Family Support

Through this activity can we give poor families in Latvia some extra help to cope with their everyday life. They get self-help, housing, school fees, supplies, etc. We try to find solutions together with the family to their economic problems. When the familys economy are better and they can stand on its own, then we can go ahead and help others in the same situation. The work with the family support extends throughout Latvia. The Latvian organisations Velki Association and Mission Pakapieni are our partners and they ensure that the right aid reaches the right family in consultation with the social authorities.

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Knowledge is power but education costs money. Many young people in Latvia didn’t get any higher education because of their family’s poor financial situation. The education-project is new and will be expanded gradually in the nearby future.

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Day center
Is a place were young people and adults with disabilities, where they receive incentives and opportunities to work. Textile Art and music are some of the occupations that are available on the various day centers. We mainly provides material support to the day center.

The Maternal home in Tukums
Young, single pregnant women who have no other place to go can recieve a place at the maternal home. Most of them have a bad frame of reference when it comes to family life and at the maternal home they will learn how to take care of their children, cook and take care of a home. The women are allowed to stay until they have found a work and a place to live. Heart to Heart mainly provide material support to the maternal home. Our partner is Mission Pakapieni.

You can also “Swish” your donation to 123 196 33 47 mark it with “maternal home”

We provide schools in impoverished rural areas with material, gymnastics equipment, school desks, stationery, tableware, etc. The work is possible thanks to Swedish schools and our Latvian partner organisation Velki Association.

Heart to Hearts Development Manager for Latvia
Vivi-Ann Ahlström
+46(0)142 66 11 62

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