Management Team

Heart to Hearts management team

Anders Holmefur
Education: Pastor educated at Örebro Mission School. Professional experience: parish pastor, General Secretary of the organization Ge för livet (Give for Life).

Peter Methander
Second Hand Store Manager
Education: Leadership. Professional experience: Purchasing Manager at Swedish Shell, district manager of Myrorna and Production Manager at UFF.

Margareta Klerfors
Human Resources Manager
Education: Registered Occupational therapist, educated at Örebro Vårdhögskola. Professional experience: Habilitation and assistance.

Boije Gustavzohn
Finance Manager
Education: School Economist. Professional experience: Credit crusher, customer and customer service manager.

Rickard Klerfors
Development Manager
Education: Tertiary education in accounting and auditing. Professional experience: Chief Accountant and assistance.

Hanna Andersson
Communications Officer
Education: Bachelor. BA in Media and Communications
Professional experience: Information, Communications, tourist hostess and more.

Mikael Good
Communications Officer
Education: Media and Communications at Södra Vätterbygdens Folk High School. Professional Experience: Graphic designer, reporter, photojournalist, Communications officer.

Anders Ruuth
Transport, storage and handling of clothing
Education:Pastor educated at Örebro Mission School. Professional experience: sawmill worker, pastor, salesman.