How we work


Heart to Hearts head office are located in the Swedish town Linköping. It’s activities are mainly driven by volunteers, but Heart to Heart also has a number of employees. As far as possible we exist as a workplace for people in need of such work rehabilitation. To our help we have different partners in Sweden. They are extremely important for us. Without them we would not be able to work as we do.

In the different countries were we work in we cooperate with local organizations who knows the country and they are required to accurately report to us what happens with the economic and material aid that we provide. We require total transparency. Our partners are extremely important to our business to function and to be able to guarantee that aid is delivered. They have an established and good contact with the authorities in the country which makes visible the needs for us so that we can better help the people where the needs are greatest.

We strive to operate according to the principle of self-help. It is important not to take away from people what they can do themselves. Instead we want to encourage them to use their own knowledge and skills and develop them. In this way, they can create a better life for themselves and their families. As soon as the people that we give support can sustain and support themselves we relocate the support to other poeple who are in the need of extra support.

We also strive to ensure that our recipient organizations can be independent of the extra assistance from us. We want to engage them and support them so that they eventually become completely self-financing. In Romania, we have started a pilot project – a fully owned commercial company, Linheart. They buy the surplus of clothes and gadgets from the Heart to Heart Second Hand stores in Sweden for a cost-covering price. They sort, refreshes and sell the goods on. By Lineheart people who would otherwise been unemployed are given a job and a wage that they can support themselves and their families. The surplus from Lineaheart are invested in various social projects that our Romanian partner organization run.