The children’s house
At the orphanage in Lac live 32 children and adolescents from 2 to 22 years. The children come from poor and difficult conditions and some of them have intractable experiences that children should not have taken part of. The children are given love and the opportunity to develop as human beings and individuals at the orphanage. Education are in the focus, and several of the children have already gone on to higher education and some of them have invested in vocational training. Our partner is the organization Bethesda.

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CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation)
This is a project where we visits and train children, youth and adults with disabilities with physiotherapy and exercise in their homes. Prejudices and ignorance are great when it comes to disabilities in Albania, and many who are disabled have never heard of either aids or rehabilitation. The result for our work have not been long in coming and health has improved for many of them who receive physical therapy and exercise. The program that we work after are developed by the WHO (World Health Organization). The project is run by a Swedish physiotherapist together with our partner organisationa Bethesda. Radiohjälpen has also contributed money to work.

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Is a literacy project were we give supported teaching. The children and youth that receives the teaching are mainly Roma children who for various reasons have fallen outside the general Albanian school. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that Roma children are being bullied and therefore they do not want to go to school. Their families can’t afford school supplies and transportation to school. It is not uncommon that the roma children have to stay home and look after younger siblings or perform simple chores in order to provide some extra money for the family finances. In the ABC-project the children receive needs-based training in a small class. There is a computer class and classes with arts such as dance and music. Children get a ride to school and they always start the day with a proper meal so that they are stuffed when the teaching begins. The work is conducted in cooperation with the organization Bethesda.

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